As a professional artist and an exciting creativity facilitator Cheryl Jones Evans will ignite your exuberant, expressive creative self. She is a passionate well-seasoned leader with more than 28 years in all facets of the visual arts industry and 18 years of creativity facilitating. Cheryl holds a BA in Arts Management (UMASS) has been listed with Florida Department of Cultural Affairs as a presenter, the Creativity Coaching Association, the Florida Arts in Education Association, and the National Independent Artists Association. She served on the City of Casselberry Parks and Recreation Advisory Board as the Arts liaison and currently serves on the Leesburg Center for the Arts board as the director of Artistic Community Building. She actively facilitates The Central Florida Artist’s Way Group, has instructed classes at a small private college, conducts weekend creativity seminars, and regularly facilitates other spiritually based creative and art marketing classes with arts organizations all over the state of Florida.

Oh....and she actively, passionately, constantly CREATES!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Art Marketing AH-HA

I have just received an inordinate amount of press coverage from a recent exhibition, more than I have ever gotten, for which I am extremely, extremely grateful! But I have to tell you I can only attribute this to one thing, and it has been a heee-uge AH-HA moment.

First thing, you must know that I have not met, nor was I interviewed or contacted via phone or email by either one of the writers of the 2 recent stories. Neither one of them were at the opening! What I can tell you, is that I recognize “word for word” information that came from my post card. Yep, that was it! A generic 4 x 6 post card with my name and images on the front and 2 short paragraphs on the back. One paragraph was a very brief bio, the other was a quick explanation of the work and of course web site and contact info.

It seems that reporters really like short, to the point info they can pick up and walk away with!

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